How To Look Great Wearing A Peasant Dress

The Latest Peasant Skirts

If you are looking for a trendy summer look, vintage style, or just going full on medieval adding a peasant dress (or two, or three) to your collection is a great way to cater to those looks! Peasant dresses not only have become one of the fastest and easier looks to pull off, but they can be very versatile when paired with other accessories and different footwear.

Many women tend to lean towards the more flowing summer and vintage style dresses than others. The main reason for this is because they are not only fashionable in today’s time, but are very common and easy to find. Most major retail and clothing shops sell and carry a wide variety of peasant dresses that you can not only go to browse, but try on to see which ones work best for your body type and style!

Here are a few of my favorite looks and styles of women utilizing the peasant dress with their look:

Another one of my favorite things about these dresses are the fact that they are not very expensive and you can use the extra money you save to do some really cool styles and looks with accessories. Some very cool and fun accesories to use with your peasant dresses are:

The Latest Peasant Skirts

  • Sandals
  • Boots (cowboy boots look great)
  • Heels or Pumps
  • Long necklaces
  • Scarfs
  • Tights/leggings
  • Big bracelets
  • Rings
  • Large hats


As you can see its really easy to get away with wearing exuberant pieces of jewelry and hats with theses dresses because it helps add not only contrast to the look, but character and uniqueness. I always enjoy having fun dressing up and trying out different types of accessories to see which ones work best for each dress.  The vintage dresses tend to look better ( I think at least) with the boots and hat look, where the retro and shape pattern dresses tend to pair well with the bigger jewelry,  leggins and heels.

Here are a few examples of some good pairing of accessories with the peasant dress:


With the many different patterns and styles of dresses, it’s fun to create your own look and style each and every day paring with whatever accessories you have in your wardrobe. Have fun and switch it up, try things you normally wouldn’t, who knows you might stumble upon a new look that you end up really liking!